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Beware these foods … lower your energy level



Beware these foods … lower your
energy level

Foods greatly control our health, but some foods and drinks cause your energy level to decrease, so you should reduce them or stop eating them.
If you feel lethargic and have a low energy level, these foods may be responsible for this happening, and therefore you should reconsider eating them and avoid them as much as possible, according to the website “Medicine”.

Breakfast Cereal

Many people think that the best breakfast for adults and children is breakfast cereals, but not all are ideal for starting your day, as grains that contain a large amount of sugars can harm your health.

Sugar raises energy quickly, but this does not continue for a long time, and the level of sugar in the blood quickly rises.

Energy Drinks

Many people believe that energy drinks are the ideal way to renew vitality and daily activity, but in fact this is a mistaken belief, as they are made to work in the short term, as they fill the body with caffeine and sugar for a period so the person feels energy and activity, but then the blood sugar level will decrease More than before.

Thus, the body fatigue increases and its activity and energy subsequently decrease.

White bread

There are many types of bread that are manufactured with white flour, and it is advised to avoid them and replace them with bread made from brown flour, as the carbohydrates made with white flour cause a very high level of blood sugar, which then drops dramatically.

The bread made from whole grains and wheat takes a long time to absorb, which keeps the energy increasing for a longer period.

Fried foods

Fried foods saturated with oils and fats need a long time to be digested by the body, and therefore the body needs to make a great effort to transfer blood from the limbs to the organs, leaving the body with less energy for 6 to 8 hours.

This applies to various foods that are slow to digest, such as foods that contain harmful fats, which consume the body’s energy while digesting it instead of converting it into energy.

Caffeine drinks

In the event that you drink drinks that contain a moderate amount of caffeine daily, it will be beneficial to health and boost your energy, but if you become dependent on caffeine for energy, especially in times near sleep, it will harm your body because it reduces your desire to sleep, and therefore does not get Enough of it, and this of course will lead to a decrease in your energy.

Low calorie food

If you calorie the calories you eat on a daily basis too much, your brain will signal the hunger, slowing your metabolism and lowering the energy level in your body.

The best thing is to eat the right amount of foods at regular intervals, and not to neglect any of the basic meals, or wait until you feel very hungry.

Low iron foods

Iron helps convert calories into energy, so when it decreases in your diet, it will reduce your energy levels and make you feel tired and lethargic.

Therefore, it is advised that your daily diet contain an appropriate amount of iron-containing foods such as leafy vegetables, meat, liver and seafood, in addition to nuts, dried fruits and dark chocolate.

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A new study revealed the importance of breakfast, in burning fat and losing weight,
and noted that the “big” breakfast is more beneficial than the small meal.

The new study joined a series of studies that linked eating morning eating with obesity and other health benefits. And the new study, published in the journal “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism”, found that burning calories is much higher when eating breakfast compared to dinner.

The study indicated that the key to interest is a process called Diet Generated Thermal (DIT), which indicates the amount of energy (calories) that the body uses when digesting food and transporting nutrients, according to the “Slash Not” site.

Julian Richter, the author of the study, explained: “Our results show that the meal is eaten at breakfast, regardless of the number of calories it contains, creates twice as much heat generated from the diet, compared to the same meal that is eaten for dinner. This result is important. To all people because it emphasizes the value of adequate eating at breakfast. ”

The study included a total of 16 male participants, who spent the first round of the study eating a low-calorie breakfast and a high-calorie dinner; the second round of the study changed that, providing them with a high-calorie breakfast and a low-calorie dinner.
Although receiving identical amounts of calories during the study, the researchers found that eating a high-calorie meal in the morning led to a DIT measurement 2.5 times higher.

The study also discovered that eating a larger breakfast and a smaller dinner helps reduce appetite throughout the day, while eating a small breakfast increases the appetite during the day, especially for sugary foods.
These results carry particularly good news for people who are obese and who may experience cravings for food and sugar throughout the day.
Richter said: “We recommend obese patients as well as healthy people eat a big breakfast instead of eating a big dinner to reduce body weight and prevent digestive diseases.”

For losing extra weight … 8 types of oil are indispensable

If you want to lose extra weight and burn fat quickly, there is a group of oils that you should use in order to speed up the burning process while following a diet.
These natural oils help you not only in losing weight, but also in treating many health problems, such as dry skin and hair loss, and can also be used to reduce inflammation.

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E-cigarettes are an electronic device that is used for stimulating tobacco smoking. The cigarettes are aimed to attract an individual who wishes to get the kick related to nicotine but without having any smell of toxin or tar-laden smoke which comes with traditional smoking.

The e-cigarettes are powered by a battery which involves a liquefied nicotine solution that delivers a safer vapor than traditional cigarettes. They are designed in such a way so that it looks similar to traditional cigarettes. Many of these cigarettes are reusable and come with refillable cartridges.

In most of the e-cigarettes, three main components are present that includes the battery which offers power to the cigarettes, the heating element, and the cartridge or mouthpiece.

The batteries are present at the end of the cigarettes and in some cases are designed to have red LED light at the tip to give the impression of the glowing of a real cigarette.

The batteries present in the e-cigarettes are connected with the heating element of the cigarette which is present in the middle of the model. With the initiation of taking the token, the vaporizing liquefied nicotine comes in contact with the heating element to get vaporized.

The liquefied nicotine is often referred to as e-juice or e-liquid that is made up of the propylene glycol that is used regularly as a form of food additive and in inhalers used by asthma patients.

There is the least known health risk related to using e-cigarettes and the Federal Drug Administration in the USA has classified it to be a “generally recognized substance”.

This is because the product is mainly made of propylene glycol in which the flavoring agents and nicotine are dissolved to make the final product. The vaporization of the liquid nicotine helps to reduce the need to smoke tobacco.

Thus, this means the vapor formed can be implemented with various flavors by which it can create great enjoyment. The development of e-cigarettes has made it possible to make the smoke nicotine-free with the addition of flavoring agents for individuals.

Thus, they can be used entirely for recreational purposes without obtaining any nicotine kick. The e-liquid in the e-cigarettes comes in varied strength that allows many to get exact potency according to their wish.

The Key Benefits of Using e-cigarettes are as Follows:

  • It is deemed to healthier than other traditional cigarettes as they contain less amount of toxin, tar, or tobacco. Thus, it acts as an alternative for those who are addicted to burning tobacco. In e-cigarettes, the vaporizing liquid is seen to be made up of flavoring agents, nicotine, and an inert carrier. This helps the formed vapor that is inhaled to avoid containing carbon monoxide or other harmful agents usually found while inhaling and using the traditional cigarettes. Thus, it allows the user of e-cigarettes to have enjoyable nicotine-fix by avoiding any form of the risk related to health by smoking tobacco.Few of the reported health benefits of using e-cigarettes are experiencing less cough, better breathing, increased level of emergency, feel more physically better health, and less chance of diseases related to lungs.

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Ten Daily Habits That Brought
Me 7 Sources of Income

Become the lowest point of my lifestyle again in 2016. Life teaches you the excellent lesson whilst you sense you are lost. I cease my job in South Africa and traveled back to India. I had to find a new Job, better earning and stay existence to its fullest. That is when I determined to trade my everyday behavior.

Now, after 4 years of training the daily behavior which I determined in 2016, my lifestyles have modified a lot in all elements. I had one source of profits then, now I have extra.
I had a HUGE mortgage then, now I am debt unfastened and proudly owning a new asset. I have posted three books in amazon and one of the books is a top vendor. Travelling is my passion and I have traveled over 18 nations as of today.

In 2020, I even have commenced the LOA Simplified coaching and coached over a thousand students and transformed their existence right into a higher one. All these passed off based totally on my everyday habit trade. It is not rocket technological know-how. It is just a trade-in your day by day behavior.

Following are the 10 everyday behavior of me, I am sure, it’ll help you and enhance your lifestyles to the next stage.


You may hear about this several times, read about this many times. But,
Meditation is the base for all. It is not related to any religion. It is related to your ” self”. If you regularize meditation in your daily habit you will see a massive change in your life. Your anger will go away. Your stress will be gone. Your memory power will increase. It enhances self-awareness and more.
If you are new to meditation, try some guided meditation.

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Minimum 20 mins
Best time to do: Early Morning or before you go to sleep

2. Visualization

Visualization has executed wonders in my lifestyles. I am a manifestation magnet now.
I take place the desires quicker using visualization. I actually have heard from many that visualization does no longer paintings for them or get them fewer outcomes. But is it genuine? No. Visualization continually works! But, in case you practice or use it inside the proper manner!

Minutes Spent on this Habit: Minimum 20 mins
Best time to do: After Meditation

3. Gratitude Journaling

Being grateful for all the blessings we got in our life is the ONLY thing we can do it in return to God. God has given us this life which itself is a big blessing. To make your life beautiful is lies in our minds. If you are grateful for everything your life will become meaningful and beautiful.

If you keep doing gratitude practice, your mental strength will improve, your relationship will improve, you will get good sleep, your physical health will improve, and more.

This is a very simple but very powerful practice to express your gratitude to this Universe/God. All you need is a journal/notebook. You need to write your blessings daily in the morning in your gratitude journal. But are you practicing this practice in the correct way? If you “just” jot down a few points of your blessings and said thank you then it is not the correct way of doing it. When you write your blessing the words should come from your heart.


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What is healthy food??



Healthy Food

Means eating foods rich in nutrients appropriate amounts from all food groups, and healthy food should not be taken for weight loss only, but as a system of life, [1] as eating healthy foods and exercise sports activities would reduce the risk Illness, reaching and maintaining an ideal weight.

The foods that a person recommends eating will provide him with the nutrients and energy he needs, to maintain his health in a good condition, and make him feel better, and include carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

The number of calories an individual needs daily

Each person needs different calories from other people, and in general, these calories differ according to the person’s age, gender, weight, and the extent of his physical activity, in addition to the calories that differ even when two people match the age, weight, and gender because the rate of metabolism varies from Body to body.
If a person wants to maintain their weight, the average calories they need are according to the following table.

But if a person wants to lose some kilograms of his weight, reducing the equivalent of 500 calories from daily intake leads to losing half a kilogram of weight within a week, and researchers believe that the process of losing weight is a slow process and needs patience, so it is advised to work with a dietitian to find the nutritional plan Suitable for losing or increasing the required weight.

Healthy food ingredients

A healthy diet consists of different foods from the five major food groups in appropriate quantities and includes the following: Whole grains: such as bread, pasta, and grains. These grains include seeds and bran.

Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Eating vegetables and fruits in different colors achieves supplying the body with different nutritional elements.

The American Heart Association recommends consuming 8 or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which equates to approximately 4.5 cups per day for the average person who It consumes about 2000 calories, and the juices are part of this food group, but eating whole grains of fruits and vegetables is better so that the fiber that they contain is not lost, and research has shown that eating fruits and vegetables can protect a person from heart disease and diabetes Type II, in addition to cancer.

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Facts and benefits you may not know about peanut butter



Facts and benefits you may not know
about peanut butter

If you think that peanut butter is just sweet and harmful to health and fitness, then your opinion is not medically accurate, because of this returns from healthy food great benefits to the human body, according to experts.

According to the “Standard Media” site, eating one dose of peanut butter per day is sufficient to supply the body with its need of niacin (vitamin B3) and energy.

In addition, peanut butter contains “vitamin B6”, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, and these substances are considered a healthy food in strong bones and body cells.

It is known that peanut butter is saturated with fat, but eating it may help to lose kilograms of extra weight, according to researchers, and the reason is that it keeps a person in a state of satiety and distracts him from eating more food.

The benefits of peanuts
Peanuts in healthy foods are a good source for many important nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis. Therefore, eating peanuts regularly brings many benefits to health, including the following:

Heart health: Eating peanuts is good for heart health, due to its rich content of monounsaturated fats, especially Oleic acid, as these fats reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, which in turn leads To reduce the risk of heart disease.

 Age-related problems: Peanuts contain niacin, which works to prevent some age-related problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, and cognitive problems.

Cancer: Peanuts are considered to be rich in various antioxidants, such as Resveratrol, which works to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, cancers, viral infections, and degenerative diseases, in addition to containing p- Kumaric acid ( p-coumaric acid), a type of antioxidant that works to reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

Skin protection: Eating peanuts provides good amounts of Vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants, as it protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals, and maintains the health of cell membranes, in addition to this it contains Peanuts contain good amounts of vitamin C, which helps the body manufacture collagen, which leads to maintaining healthy skin.

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