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How To Escape The Friend Zone And Get
The One You Want!

What Is the “Friend Zone”?

friend zone “The nightmare that faces dozens of young men recently, when someone falls in love with a girl who does not reciprocate feeling and suffices as a colleague, brother or friend, while she represents something more than that, and the young man remains stuck in the area between love and friendship, unable to approach More or stay away completely ..

6 Tips for young people Avoid them to enter the “Friend Zone” …

* Be clear from the start
Be clear from the start and let her know that you are not looking for another friend in her, and make her understand clearly that you hope to link with her and do not postpone this step for fear of moving away. If she does not intend to link with you or does not want you, you should know this from the beginning, then the pain will be less.

* Don’t be “just friends”
Stop playing the role of “a nice friend” in her life, and hint at her that you care about her more than just friendship, so that she does not fall in love with another person while you continue to play the role of a friend.

* Treat her as a “woman” and not as a “friend”
Make her notice that you treat her in a distinct way from all the friends and colleagues of young men and women as if she were to take her seat off for her or open the car door or some compliments and compliment her appearance in a way that she does not do with another.

* Look in her eyes
Look into her eyes from time to time, if you see her looking into your eyes as well, and not trying to look away looking down and then again looking at your eyes in less than 40 seconds then this is a very good sign.

* Take advantage of mutual friends
If you have mutual friends who support you and they think you will be a wonderful husband, use them wisely, and ask them to verify her feelings towards you and help you by throwing hidden hints or jokes and paving the way for her heart.

* Leave her out
Raise the slogan “to be or not to be” at this moment and take a decisive step that will be a decisive response to the issue and give her an invitation to go out to lunch, drink or watch a movie, and leave the ball in its court.

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How To Lose Weight In Just 10 Days

by following 4 easy steps
and it starts with working out your body type

1. Work out your body type

You’ve seen yourself a million times, so you probably know what you look like, right?
Well, even if you’ve really stared at yourself have you ever figured out your exact body type?
Rachael explains that somebody types tend to lose fat faster than others, so it really is worth knowing what category you come under.
This way you can optimize your diet and workout efforts instead of wasting time.
Generally speaking, there are three different body types:


People with endomorph body type tend to naturally have higher percentages of body fat.
Think Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Winslet.
“They store fat more easily, typically around the belly, thighs, and butt,” says Rachael. “And getting rid of fat is often harder for them.”
Endomorphs typically benefit from following a low carb diet and doing more cardio than the other two body types.


Ectomorphs tend to be naturally lean, though they can still have the “skinny fat look” with stubborn belly fat, Rachael says.
She says that people with this body type tend to struggle to put on muscle and can find it tough to stay toned.
“Unlike endomorphs, ectomorphs do best on a high carb diet and they don’t need to focus on cardio a lot unless they have extra body fat they want to lose,” she added.
Celebrities including Keira Knightly and Karlie Kloss are considered ectomorphs.


The best of both worlds, mesomorphs are somewhere in the middle of the other two body types.
Rachael says: “They can store body fat more easily than ectomorphs, but it’s easier for them to lose it than it is for endomorphs.
“They do best following a balanced diet and with doing moderate amounts of cardio for fat loss.”
Famous mesomorphs include Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and Irina Shayk.

2. Focus on nutrition

After you’ve identified your body type, you can start eating accordingly to lose belly fat quicker.
Rachael says that nutrition is the key to shifting the pounds in less than two weeks.
She says: “If your diet is not on point, you won’t get any results, especially not in just 10 days!

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How can we minimize the chance of catching coronavirus


Lots of people are worrying about coronavirus and we see a lot of people with masks, can i only get sick and I think do I really need to go out, most people if you catch coronavirus it’ll be mild but for some coronavirus could be really serious, these are mostly older people and people with underlying health conditions things like asthma diabetes and heart disease. good news is you can protect yourself and the NHS says you should do these things even if you’re not likely to be seriously affected by coronavirus you may pass it on to someone who could be.

Number one wash your hands more.

The more you wash your hands the less likely you are to spread the virus to other people so if you’ve been out in a public place on a bus or train wash your hands as soon as you can afterward and properly wash your hands so that takes about 20 seconds to get them really clean focusing on all parts of your hand not just your palm backs of hands around the nails in between the fingers wrists and your thumb and use soap and water and when you’re done turn the tap off using tissue and put it in the bin antibacterial gels do work but soap and water is best.

number two avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth.

Because that’s the way the virus could get into your body you can still touch your face but only if you’ve washed your hands before.

Number three catching your coughs and sneezes.

Experts think coronavirus is spread by droplets that come out of your nose and mouth so when you sneeze or cough catch them with disposable tissues then Binet and wash your handy disposable tissues are better than handkerchief so that you carry around with you all the time if you don’t have a tissue sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow that way the germs are away from your hands and you’re less likely to pass them on unless you greet people using your elbow don’t touch things with your hands if you don’t have to the less you touch things like surfaces handrails lift buttons and less likely you are to catch the virus or indeed spread it on.

Number four stay away from people who are ill.

If people are unwell don’t get too close to them. the closer you get the more likely you are to catch something apart that you should go about your life as normal that means you should go to work go to school and see your friends unless you’ve been told not to by your doctor or the NHS one-one-one coronavirus service when it comes to traveling check with the Foreign Office before you plan to go now it’s important to say that there’s no evidence that you can match coronavirus from letters parcels or food and these things won’t work when it comes to treating coronavirus UV light antibiotics garlic and saline solutions for masks they’re important when people are in very close contact with patients but there’s very little evidence that masks are helpful in everyday life if you’ve been coughing or you have a high temperature or you’re short of breath you may have the symptoms of coronavirus but you don necessarily have coronavirus but if you think you may don’t go anywhere especially not the hospital pharmacy or doctors instead phone your doctor or use the online NHS one-one-one coronavirus service and there’ll be the ones who can tell you what you should do next.

So coronavirus is spreading fast but there is no need to panic there are some really easy and simple ways of keeping yourself safe the most important thing of all is to keep your hands clean you want to be washing your hands once an hour maybe with soap and water or sanitizing gel.

The reason that’s so important is that the virus spreads through droplets the droplets don’t hang in the air for an awfully long time but they fall onto surfaces and your hands, are always touching surfaces and that’s washing your hands is so important because we pick up the droplets on our hands and then we touch them against surface this research that shows we do that fifteen to thirty times an hour public transport is a key thing to be conscious of you want to be aware of what you’re touching, you need to touch things in these places through the handrails the handles on a tube train so all of those surfaces are likely to contain germs and you’re gonna pick them up on your hands, just be aware of what you’re touching and after you’ve touched it make sure you wash your hands before you’ retouching your hands to your mouth or the other area, that’s important is your house.

Droplets are going to spread it onto surfaces around your house the really obvious ones are kitchen surfaces bathroom services, so be aware that those are surfaces where viruses could gather and are likely to be shared around and what you want to do is you just want to wipe those surfaces with soap and water a couple of times a day to keep them clean also with children, explain to your children how germs spread don’t make them paranoid about them but remind them that germs come from your nose and mouth they end up on your hands if you touch.



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If you’re someone that’s watching this right now and you’re brand new you’re looking to get started making money online but you’re not quite sure where to start or what are the best opportunities for you to pursue in 2020 and beyond.

The world that we live in today and the opportunities that present itself and it’s not that any of this is easy of course it’s hard work to build a business there’s a mindset there are a lot of components and being successful with anything, but if you’re committed enough and you put your time your attention your focus into learning the internet learning, how to build a business learning how to leverage internet marketing then it can truly change your life in so many incredible ways.

First One That I’d say is Being An Influencer

Being an influencer now well knows the power of influence and the trend of what influencers have been over the last few years. and it’s not slowing down I mean these days everyone is becoming an influencer and influencers is such a great opportunity because all of these platforms out there such as youtube and Instagram and a podcast and a blog and Facebook all of these platforms they’re free to use anybody can join and set up a YouTube account Facebook account and create content you. can share your ideas with the world you can share what you’re learning you can entertain people you can express yourself in whatever way that you want and if your content is good and valuable then people will find it they’ll follow you and they’ll build a relationship with you the most valuable thing you could ever have on the Internet is attention.

Because attention is what all these companies are trying to get that’s they spend money on advertisements so that they can get in front of you they can get your attention because without your attention then you’re not gonna go in and buy their product .butinfluencers are people that have built a following they built an audience of people they have people’s attention and more importantly, they built a relationship and trust with those people over a period of time.

Now companies out there they’re looking to market their products .and so they’re looking for influencers to represent their product to share their product with their audience to be an ambassador of their product .they’re looking if you have a podcast they want to sponsor your podcast to get the attention of some of your listeners on your podcast or on the youtube channel right, that’s why on YouTube videos you might see advertisements pop up .because companies they want to get in front of my audience and other people’s audiences on YouTubeso they’re willing to pay money for that and if you’re an influencer you have following people will pay money to you to get in front of your audience .they’ll give you products and say hey listen to you can you share your product with your audience, I’ll pay you to sponsor this post and share it with your audience.

Having a following gives the opportunity to launch your own course your own amazon product or do affiliate marketing there’s a lot of different avenues that you can do as an influencer marketing, is hot it’s growing and it’s not saturated because here’s what I’ve learned about being an influencer I’ve got over a million followers now with my YouTube and Instagram and podcast and my blog.

All of that so I have quite a bit of reach and influence which is great but the thing with being an influencer is that everybody, will connect and relate to someone different okay there’s only one of you. and there’s only one of me so nobody could ever copy anyone okay its impossible to because we are each unique and differ and everyone is looking for someone that they can relate to that they could get kick they can connect with, and follow that is like the people like people that are like them so for example, if you’re in let’s say the self-development niche which is massive right I’m part of the self-development market.

Now people don’t necessarily follow you for your content that’s one component of it but more importantly, they’re following you for who you are your story and because they connect with you. so a lot of these influencers let’s say coaches YouTubers podcasters bloggers in the self-development arena .we can share the same content whether it’s about goal-setting and creating great habits in your life and be more positive and be happier and being motivated changing your belief systems improving your health your relationships all of that but the content the message, for the most part, is the same. but what makes it unique and different is your story and how you explain things your you know for example for me my story about how these things have helped my life and my delivery of the content and the information because people are gonna relate to my story over someone else story not everyone will relate to some of you will others won’t others will relate to someone else.

People will relate and connect to you based on your age if you’re young then a younger demographic are gonna connect with you if you’re older let’s say you’re you know in your 40s and 50s and60s then maybe you know that ones that are in their 20s aren’t going to connect with you as much they can’t relate to someone maybe that’s in their 50s, but someone that’s in their 40s and 50s and60s they’re gonna connect and relate more and want to follow the person that is similar to them and their demographic versus the person that’s 20 years old .ifyou’re a male or a female I mean if you’re a male you’re more likely to follow someone that’s also a male because you can connect and relate to them more if you’re a female you’re more likely to follow someone that’s a female even based on race. if you’re white if you’re black if you’re Asian if you’re Hispanic. not that you can’t and of course everybody you know you’ll still all different races and diversity is gonna follow everybody but your core demographic are gonna be more people if you’re white people that are white if you’re Asian people that are Asian because again people like people that are like them they’re gonna follow to connect with .that a little bit more you friends that you have in your life I’m sure most of your friends that are people they’re more similar to you you have similar beliefs and values and goals and you might even look similar you might be in a similar age group if you’re a male most of your friends are probably males if you’re a female most of your friends are probably females.

So your story and who you are makes you unique and different than everyone else out there, and the world needs more people that are different and unique to share and help and serve and it’s not like you know one person only follows one person people follow many people today. so there’s so much room and opportunity there is an influencer and it’s just something that companies are looking more for and the amount of money you can make as an influencer is only going to go up over a period of time. so influencer marketing as I think is great and when I look at the platforms available I say the ones that have the greatest opportunity potential I consider, is number one youtube okay because the video is King video is the most consumed type of content on the Internet it’s not slowing down more and more people their attention span is shorter so they are more engaged by video and when you watch a video you can connect with that a person lot more than you can by reading their article or even listening to them on a podcast or just getting short snippets from them on Instagram.

Instagram, for example, it’s more designed like one-minute video clips it’s more surface level and shallow content YouTube or podcasts or even blogs they’re deeper content so for you watching a video for the last 12 minutes. or so it’s going a lot deeper you’re getting to knows a lot more and a lot deeper than you would on Instagram or Facebook, for example, other things so the video I think is the most powerful second one I like is blogging and podcasts I kind of put even and it really depends on what your preference is.

Podcasting I like because people can go deep and they a lot of people listen to podcasts, the thing I don’t like about podcasts is that it’s very untrackable it’s hard to track things on a podcast and, most often like for example you know iTunes doesn’t really give you much data of your viewership and your followers and all that sort of stuff but on the other hand, a blog is very different than that a blog you can track everything on the blog and you can update and change there’s just a lot you can do with it now each of them there’s a learning curve to each of course, and there are different skills involved with it but I like blogging especially if you learn search engine optimization and how to rank your content but again like I said it depends on what you prefer if you’re more of a writer if you prefer speaking you know there are different platforms that might be better suited based on your gifts and your skills of what you want to go deeper with .in terms of social media I think.

Instagram is the best and will continue to be in 2020. Instagram you know more powerful than Snapchat and even Facebook now, a lot of internet entrepreneurs are investing in their Instagram building they’refollowing their you can build a deep relationship with people on Instagram as well, especially with stories by sharing your life the day to day cuz people on Instagram they’re getting more of the behind-the-scenes they’re getting to know more about you, when you’re not you know doing a YouTube video or a podcast they’re gonna see what you’re doing throughout the day, and when you have daily influence over someone like that every day you make a post on Instagram or a story and you’re a part of someone’s life on a daily basis that’s powerful, you have influence over their beliefs in the direction of their life so influencer marketing guys is huge and will continue to be huge in 2020 and beyond.

The last one I want to share with you is not necessarily starting an online business because I know this right now you might not want to put yourself out there, you know and that’s why I provide options I mean amazon is greater you don’t have to put yourself out there you can actually  Amazon selling a physical product you can find influencers and partner with them and send them products and they can be the influencers for your business or physical product brands. so not even wants to put themselves out there you might want to be more behind the scenes and also not everyone’s an entrepreneur not everyone wants to run their own show. not everybody wants to take the risks of what an entrepreneur does you know obviously entrepreneurship provides a lot more potential but not everyone cares for that.

I Think A Great Opportunity Online is Just Being A Freelancer

Okay looking for jobs that exist online because as the internet grows there’s more demand and need for all these companies to hire people companies, as they grow their internet business as they grow their e-commerce store or whatever it is they need web developers, they need video editors and need graphic designers, they need copywriters, they need email marketers, they need programmers, they need you to know all these skills social media marketers customer support reps managers, they need people like that that they can hire to help work for their business. and a lot of these companies today they provide the ability for you to work from home or anywhere in the world .which is really the greatest advantage that you get from having an online business so you don’t have to to start an online business you can instead work for a company that gives you the ability to work from home . or anywhere that you want and you get the greatest perk without having to take the risk of starting an online business and suffered a lot of people that’s great that’s more than enough they would love to have that freedom to work from home and to have some control over their own hours and how they spend their day if you’re a mom and you want to spend more time at home with your kids online freelance job is great for that or an online business right because again you’re gonna spend more time at home with the kids and you can just work behind your computer and make some great money from that.

So I think any skills online any internet marketing skills are incredibly valuable to learn and study and practice get good at looking for jobs available online so that you can work from home, and develop skills that are always gonna be valuable they’re always going to be high demand. now here’s something that a lot of people don’t think about I’m gonna wrap this up soon but this is really valuable of what I want to share with you before we wrap this up.

If you’re building a business if you’ relearning how to sell on Amazon if you’ relearning Shopify how to create an e-commerce store if you’re learning how to run ads if you’re learning how to build a blog if you’re learning how to build a YouTube channel Instagram social media if you’re learning any of those skills as you’re building your own business a lot of people don’t realize that those what they learn whether it’s through a course or you study it through trial and error all of that is valuable for you then do that for someone else.

Because here’s the thing how many companies out there that sell their products in their local store their brick-and-mortar store that have not yet transitioned to selling their product on Amazon but because you took a course because you learn because you studied because you’ve done it a few times before you have a skill set that you could then go to all these companies and say hey listen you’re not selling online I know how to put up products on Amazon I know how to set up Amazon listings fulfill my own sphere I know I don’t have all of that I can do it for you and these companies are more than happy to pay.

You and hire you for you to do the work for them if you know how to publish books on Amazon do you have any authors that are out there that are great writers they love writing there they’re there that’s their gift and their purpose in life is writing but they’re not good publishing, they’re not good at marketing they’re terrified of technology,

I don know how to do that stuff, but because you published some books before, you know the process you can then go to them and you can essentially be a freelance freelancer or create an agency, where you provide services to these other authors companies, and you can do the work for them.

So that’s another opportunity that a lot of people don’t think about and that’s a great way for you to make money by trading your money upfront to make that immediate income and develop your skills as you’re building your own online business which is more passive income a long-term stream for you. so that’s a huge opportunity that people don’t realize people don realize that these skills of what you learn are valuable they’re valuable that other companies and people will pay money to have you do for them right or even to pay to learn from you in some way shape or form so there’s so much opportunity out there and I think regardless of whatever opportunity that you pursue the most important thing is to get a boat in the water so as the tide rises you can benefit from it.

So I don’t care what that is you might have to dabble around a little bit different things try publishing trying Amazon try Shopifyyou know to learn marketing how to drive traffic and affiliate marketing all these things and the skills you gain all help and work together to help make you more successful whether your end up doing service-based business freelance agency or you find the right one for you that you really want to ramp up and scale. so hopefully this has benefited to you in some way shape or form I really just wanted to provide my opinion and the best opportunities I feel they’re available for us today so that you can take advantage of it and again I want to be realistic and honest with you that none the process of success is easy I mean it’s hard work it was easier than everyone would be successful I mean this is for the 1% the 1% of people ever become successful and it’s the 1% that’swilling to do what that 99% is not willing to do so you’re here right now I assume that you’re in that 1% you’recommitted you’re eager you have a why and purpose for doing this and you want to pursue it.


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The 2 best ways to make money online in 2020 and beyond.

If you’re someone that’s watching this right now and you’re brand new you’re looking to get started making money online but you’re not quite sure where to start or what are the best opportunities for you to pursue in 2020 and beyond.

we going to help you with that, or if you’ve already got an online business you’re already making money online great we gonna help you discover what are the best trends and opportunities that can really allow you to grow your business even further by putting more time attention and focus into that.

so let me give you an idea right now of where the Internet is and where it’s going the potential the growth and the opportunity, right now today there are about 4.3 billion people that have access to the Internet that’s a lot of people but over the next ten years that number is projected to increase to 7.5 billion people, so essentially over the next decade there are an additional 3 billion people they’re going to have access to the internet that never did before and that means that that is such an incredible opportunity for someone like yourself and myself to take advantage of the internet because it doesn’t matter what you’re doing online.

if you’re selling on Amazon or Shopify or your Facebook page or Instagram you’ve got a youtube channel a podcast no matter what it is you is gonna benefit from all this potential growth automatically just by more and more consumers getting access to, the internet buying things online with all the technological advances that are coming whether it’s 5g technology which is already here but it’s becoming more mainstream it’s making a lot it a lot easier and faster for people to use and get access to the Internet to entrepreneurs like Elon Musk who are launching satellites into space so that the entire world can have access to high-speed, mean these are game-changers that when you’re part of the internet you know a rising tide raises all boats if you’ve got a boat in the water and the tide rises the internet increases improves technology advances you benefit from that so that’s why I’m so bullish on the Internet and the opportunities because I believe that the Internet has been the great advantage and breakthrough of our lifetime and starting an online business and learning

how to leverage the internet to make money from it is the greatest opportunity that we have and that’s why you see so many people today becoming millionaires and multimillionaires and billionaires Imean there are kids that are in their 20sthat are now becoming billionaires whether it’s a Kylie Jenneryou know leveraging Instagram and social media to you know Mark Zuckerberg and starting Facebook I mean it’s really mind-boggling.

The world that we live in today and the opportunities that present itself and it’s not that any of this is easy of course it’s hard work to build a business there’s a mindset there are a lot of components and being successful with anything, but if you’re committed enough and you put your time your attention your focus into learning the internet learning, how to build a business learning how to leverage internet marketing then it can truly change your life in so many incredible ways.

now let me dive into the four best ways the ones that I think have the greatest opportunity and potential.

First One is The E-COMMERCE

eCommerce and specifically selling on Amazon okay selling on Amazon Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, in fact just actually the other day I was just reading about Black Friday the time of this video we just had Black FridayCyber Monday which are the biggest retail events of the year it says on theYahoo Finance US Black Friday shoppers stay away from stores make 7 billion-plus splurges online that’s not even including cyber Monday is just after Black Friday where people are more are known to actually buy online but the statistics and the data all shows and points to people buying less and less,


in physical retail stores, less and fewer people are buying from brick-and-mortar stores, they’re not buying from Walmart and Target and these you know this stores as much as they used to I mean if you think about it such a hassle to get out of your house put on your shoes and get in your car drive to Walmart you can look for parking and then you’re gonna walk through the aisles and you have to you know to check out the product behind the clerk and the whole process of shopping is kind of getting a more old-school compared to what you can do today.

from the comfort of your home you take out your phone you take out your computer you can you have way more variety of products that are available on Amazon, for example, you got AmazonPrime, you already got your credit card length you just fill out your shopping cart hit checkout and then before you know it the next day or a few days after that the products are arriving at your door, and Amazon I mean not only are they the biggest retail giant I mean if you look at Target Walmart, they’re investing more into their e-commerce to take advantage of it but Amazon is bigger than all of them combined and one of the greatest advantages of Amazon I’ll go more into the model in ways that you can make money from Amazon but with Amazonthey’re on the cutting edge of all the technological advances.

I mean in terms of their fulfillment center mean with robotics and artificial intelligence those are new advances that Amazon’sheavily investing into which makes it easier and better and faster and cheaper for someone like yourself or myself to sell on their platform they already have hundreds of millions of people that used amazon and they’re growing massively international you know with their ability to better ship products and get products from their warehouses to the consumer’s hands and doors faster they’re the cutting edge of so Amazon is a company that is only going up there’sonly more and more potential from AmazonI mean they grow about 20% every year.

it’s staggering the opportunity of it I mean when I look at almost everyone that I know that sells on Amazon or Shopify or online in general there their numbers are going up year after year.

because as Amazon grows you grow you benefit from that so as I said arising tide raises all the ships soAmazon I think is one of the best opportunities now when I look at Amazon what is an Amazon sell Amazon sells books and everything else, alright so they started as a bookstore online but they’ve branched off to selling pretty much everything you can possibly think of is on Amazon.

so the bigger opportunity on Amazon is private labeling products selling physical products so, for example, the process of that but it’s deciding on a product that you want to sell in Amazon that has high potential demands and then what you do is you find a supplier that’s manufacturing that product whether that supplier is in the United States whether it’s in China whether it’s in any other country around the world and you have the manufacturer product you put your own packaging your own label on that product installed private labeling if you can make the product better you should if you can make it improve it, of course, you always want to do that or differentiate in some way but you then get that product made overseas you ship it to the UnitedStates or whatever Amazon platforms are selling it could be in Europe it could be in Canada it could be in Australia.

but you send it to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and then you set up your Amazon listing and now you have your own real estate on Amazon’s website do you have your own product listing with images the price reviews all of that, and then you learn how to how to rank your product on Amazon you can run Amazon ads there are so many strategies available on how to sell your product but Amazon does a lot of the heavy lifting for you because they take care of the fulfillment for you and they even help you with the marketing of your product.

so Amazon is not going away the opportunity of it is huge ok with physical products, as well as books ebooks, are great as well when I look at books whether you want to write books yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write for you or partner with other authors you, can publish Kindle books, you can publish paperback books, or hardcover books or audiobooks right I mean audiobooks, is it’s got huge potential because more and more people they can see the content through audio write podcasts and audiobooks of that nature so there’s so much potential in Amazon I think that’s one of the greatest opportunities that are you know that has been for the last years but continues to grow I don’t see it slowing down there are many opportunities for someone that brand-new because there are so many types of products that you can sell, and there’s not enough competition in my opinion, because there the amount of demand that consumers have on Amazon far outweighs the number of competition there that there.

is so Amazon is great and I think Amazon is the most powerful platform for e-commerce but also leveraging Shopify which is creating your own online store you don’t get the same benefits at Amazon does for you but animals but Shopify a lot gives you more control over your brand and your products so starting on amazon and then transition you to Shopify I think that is one of the best strategies out there in terms of building a business creating passive income and creating the life that you want so that’s number one.


marketing affiliate marketing is my favorite way of making money online, and affiliate marketing is always going to be relevant and always have the opportunity and potential because affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products.

now all of these companies that sell online whether they sell on Amazon they saw on Shopifythey’ve got their own course their own digital product no matter what it is the number one challenge that every company online has is selling their products, they want to get more sales right they want to increase the number of buyers and customers that they have and so that’s why all of these companies out there including Amazon they have affiliate programs, an affiliate program that anybody can join their free to join so for example if you want to join amazon’s affiliate program you can if you want to join an affiliate program for most products out there you can, andwhen you join their affiliate programthey’re gonna give you a percentage outof every sale you generate for them,sothey give you an affiliate link you canuse that link under blog on your YouTubechannel your social media you knowyou’re running ads or whatever it is youcan use that link, and when you gen whenyou drive traffic and people click onthe link and they buy the product youearn you earn a commission from that.

you know it’s pretty awesome because you didn’t have to create the product you didn’t have to invent it you don have to take the risk, you didn’t have to invest in inventory, you didn’t have to build a team, and have customer service and all the expenses that are involved in creating and selling a product, as an affiliate marketer you can just promote someone else’s product by sending your affiliate link or whatever it is and you make Commission’s from it so affiliate marketing is one of the best ways it’sone of the easiest ways to make money online and get started because you don’t have to invest as much time or money or take as big of a risk as selling your own product.

okay, so I love affiliate marketing gives the opportunity to promote any product on amazon that you want as an affiliate earn a commission from it and there’s a lot of products you can sell that are higher ticket specifically online courses where you can earn a higher commission from, you can earn a higher commission from that and it’s great.

so affiliate marketing is always relevant because every company is always gonna welcome affiliates I always want people to help them sell and promote their products and they’re more than happy to give you a commission from that affiliate marketing is great it’s one of the best opportunities, and often what I look at to this might be a bit more advanced I look at how you can combine them together because listen if you’ve got a product you’re selling on Amazon your own Shopify store whatever, you’re collecting the buyers and customers, and ultimately your goal of that is not just to have a one time buyer a one time consumer but someone that is gonna buy from you again and again so you always want to build an email list of your buyers and customers whether that selling on Amazon or Shopify, but they’re always a back-end component to every business because it’s a lot easier for you to profit from customers you already have, then going out there and acquiring new customers.

as the customers you already have they’ve already bought from you they’ve already raised their hand they’re looking for help they already trust you because I’ve already purchased from you once and you’ve delivered for them a great product it’s a lot easier to for you to profit from them by focusing more on how to serve your existing customers and one of the best ways to do that is through affiliate marketing because if you have an email list then you can promote products to them and share them sure more additional products that can help serve them that you could be an affiliate for that you didn’t have to invent or create yourself and you can earn commissions from that.so I always look at how you can combine them together right how you can leverage affiliate marketing with physical products combine the two together to increase her back end and ultimately the long-term value of your customers.

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Best Vital Steps To Set up a Successful
Manufacturing Business

In order to run a factory, there are many things that you need. The most important thing is money. Unless you are financially strong, you will not be able to run a business. There is hardly any business that has hit the jackpot on the first day.

It has always been a grueling session where one had to put in labor, effort, sweat, and dedication before they saw the results.

When you are running a business you have to constantly think about how to make a profit and from where will you ensure that there is a continuous flow of cash?

It is not possible to garner profit every single time but you have to run the show daily. How do you do that? This can be done through careful planning.

You need to tie up with people who are financially strong. If you are looking after the distribution part, your partner should ensure the finance aspect.

Whenever your company is making a profit, you need to set aside a certain amount in the company fund so that when the time comes you can use the money to run the business.

As team leaders, production managers have the essential responsibility of motivating factory workers.

There are many easy ways to engage employees in an office setting, but if you’re looking for new ways to motivate factory workers, it’s a different story.

It’s much more difficult to maintain a relationship when they’re on the production line and not sitting next to you at a desk.

Set goals.

Once you have figured out what it would cost to get to peak factory productivity, set goals for improvement.

Assign employees to make the desired changes and make sure to check on the progress regularly to evaluate whether or not the changes are successfully implemented and also if they are sustainable for the future.

Reward success.

Try to get everyone involved in the changes you make to processes. Once employees take ownership of the new methods, they will want to see the developments through to a successful end.

Make sure to recognize those who have creative ideas and make a special effort. Send out communications to the company to promote successes and consider implementing a rewards program to recognize everyone who contributes to increasing your factory productivity.

Taking the time to improve your factory productivity will set you up for success by saving you time and money.

Evaluate and address your problem areas and you will see improvements in the long run and stand apart from the competition.

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