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Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee Are Engaged



Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee
Are Engaged

Congratulations are in order for a Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee who are officially engaged the couple who was already planning for their little one on the way announced the big news Tuesday evening with the heartwarming Instagram post

they both shared this romantic photo Jenna captioning get a quote a lifetime to love and grow with you you have my heart Steve writing quote when you wake up in the morning

I will kiss your face with the smile no one has ever seen the flirty dancing host started publicly dating the actor in 2018 and opened up to ET and December about why he is the guy for her kind of that unspoken chemistry you just know if you have it it’s the sparks that fly and yeah it just works really well their engagement comes just a few months after the pair announced they are expecting their first child together it’s mind-blowing the whole thing watching a child grow inside of a human has been like the most amazing experience so far Jenna who was already the mother to six-year-old Everly whom she shares with ex-husband Channing Tatum shared with ET how her little girl is feeling about becoming a big sis

she’s really excited she’s really protective it’s been cute she’s worried about what I’m eating making sure it’s healthy she when I say mommy means to sit down and take a break she’s like totally gets it she hugs and cuddles the belly I mean it’s really been adorable you never know how it’s gonna go and so far she’s been so excited she tells the entire world every one every way even just people that check us out at stores she’s like did you know my mom’s right there like we can see


In April 2019 ، Jenna appeared in the Ellen DeGeneres Show ، where she confided in John Cena ، presenter for a day ، about her man. “Steve ، my boyfriend ، is a huge wrestling fan and he passed on his passion to me” ، confessed Jenna to the WWE star. “I respected WrestleMania on my own. He wasn’t even in town.”


News learned in the fall of 2018 that Jenna and Steve had been in a relationship “for a few months”. A relative told us at the end of October: “She was introduced to her by mutual friends, and it was love at first sight. Jenna appreciates her very much and she is very happy. She completely mourned her marriage and “She’s happy to have met a new person. Steve takes care of her very well and does everything well. She has great hope for the future, even if she doesn’t get carried away.”

Accompanied by Everly, Jenna’s daughter, the couple took advantage of the end of the summer to make the last getaway. “They had a wonderful vacation where they spent a lot of time together without distraction,” said a source about their August vacation in Orange County, California. “They seemed to be a very happy family.”

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 Reports Corona-virus update desperation grows aboard a cruise ship with coronavirus

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The Blueprint Iran Could Follow After Soleimani’s Death



The Blueprint Iran Could Follow After
Soleimani’s Death

The Iranian government’s swift pledge to avenge the Trump administration’s killing of its infamous military commander Qassem Soleimani, and the U.S. government’s deployment of thousands of additional troops to the Middle East and urgent call for Americans to leave Iraq, has left a distinct impression: that some fearsome Iranian retaliation is coming any minute and that it could quickly spiral into an all-out war between the United States and Iran that would surpass the horror of the Iraq War.

But that’s not exactly how Iran operates. The U.S. and Iran have been locked for the past four decades in a shadowy, shape-shifting struggle—what the historian David Crist memorably termed a “twilight war”—and Iran has tended to follow a certain blueprint: compensate for its inferior military capabilities relative to the United States by waging wide-ranging proxy warfare that stops short of direct conflict, allows it to maintain plausible deniability, and is carefully calibrated to advance Iranian interests at a low cost and with minimal risk.

The Iranians “don’t lash out,” Ariane Tabatabai, a scholar at the Rand Corporation who has studied Iran’s military doctrine, told me. “I suspect whatever will happen—and there’s no doubt in my mind that there will be a response”—won’t be some knee-jerk action to appease a domestic audience but will instead reflect a “more strategic, more careful, planned approach,” she said. “That’s going to keep us on our toes for the foreseeable future.”

Iran’s way of war is informed by the recognition that while it is a major regional power, it is no match for America militarily. According to the Global Firepower ranking, which the United States leads, Iran has the 14th-most-powerful military in the world, in between Brazil’s and Pakistan’s. The Iranians have a nuclear program but no nuclear weapons yet. They have a ballistic-missile program but no long-range missiles that can reach the United States. Iran has decent relations with Russia and China but no stalwart great-power allies; as one of the world’s most isolated countries, it does not have many allies at all. And while the Iranians have 523,000 active-duty forces and another 350,000 reserves, which is nothing to scoff at, their conventional military is hobbled by aging equipment, international sanctions, and restrictions on arms imports.

Tehran’s solution has been to engage with the United States asymmetrically, including influence operations and, more recently, cyber activities. At the forefront of this effort has been the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and especially its Quds Force unit, which Soleimani commanded. The IRGC has exploited internal conflicts and weak states in the Middle East, cultivating proxy forces—such as Shiite militias in Iraq, Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon—that serve as a kind of alliance network to rival America’s regional alliances.

In a recent analysis, the International Institute for Strategic Studies noted that Iranian leaders have concluded that their most potent weapon is their “sovereign capability to conduct warfare in battlefields across the Middle East through third parties,” which “has encountered no effective international response but has consistently delivered Iran advantage without the cost or risk of direct confrontation with adversaries,” which could endanger the Iranian regime.
Indeed, a list recently compiled by the Congressional Research Service of 20 Iran-related terrorist attacks or plots against the U.S. and its allies since the 1979 Islamic Revolution shows that nearly all were carried out by proxies such as Hezbollah, by the IRGC, or by Iranian intelligence. Be it the 1996 bombing of a U.S. military housing facility in Saudi Arabia or the deaths of hundreds of American troops at the hands of Shiite militias during the Iraq War, the details and extent of Iran’s involvement in harming the United States are often sketchy.

This sample has endured with Iran’s reaction to Donald Trump’s choice in May 2018 to withdraw the USA from the 2015 nuclear deal and to reimpose sweeping sanctions on Tehran. After a 12 months-lengthy period of calculated restraint in Tehran came mysterious assaults on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman and a shoot-down of an unmanned U.S. Drone in June (the latter of which the Iranians uncharacteristically admitted to sporting out), a murky assault on Saudi oil facilities in September, and a rocket barrage by using an Iran-backed Iraqi defense force that killed an American contractor in December, leading to the present day surge in tensions.

Tabatabai stated that the most effective historical U.S. Moves she ought to think about that approached the extent of provocation of the Soleimani killing were American aid for Iraq all through the Iran-Iraq War inside the Nineteen Eighties, the U.S. Army’s downing of an Iranian passenger aircraft in 1988, and the suspected U.S.-Israeli Stuxnet cyber campaign towards Iran’s nuclear program beneath George W. Bush and Barack Obama. U.S. Help for the Iraqis may additionally have played a position in Iran helping militants who launched lethal attacks at the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983. But the Reagan management claimed that the shoot-down of the Iranian aircraft changed into a mistake and apologized for the incident, which possibly contributed to Iran’s confined response. And the Stuxnet attack turned into hard to characteristic definitively, although Tehran did react by using beefing up its offensive cyber capabilities.

Now the US has taken out arguably the second one-most-powerful discern in Iran and has claimed obligation for the killing publicly and boastfully. In the forty years of struggle among the 2 nations, such a second has never come before. And that’s why, despite this sort of long music report, it’s so hard to expect what will take place subsequently. What is predictable is that Iran will try to find actual revenge and that it will goal for elements of marvel with a purpose to throw the USA off balance.
Just due to the fact Iran desires to avoid a right away conflict with the USA doesn’t imply its reaction to Soleimani’s killing received be fierce. The worry of that blowback is, in reality, what stored previous U.S. Administrations from striking Soleimani after they had the chance.

The former U.S. Respectable Ilan Goldenberg, who has forecast what conflict with Iran ought to appear to be, foresees Iran breaking free of the last restraints on its nuclear-weapons application. He also expects Tehran to green-light “all-out conflict” with the aid of Shiite militias in Iraq against American forces, diplomats, and personnel in Iraq; Hezbollah assaults in opposition to Americans in Lebanon and targets in Israel; rocket attacks on global oil assets or U.S. Bases in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates; and potentially even terrorist assaults in the United States and around the world. The counterterrorism analyst Charles Lister anticipates intense violence in Syria and Iraq a good way to stress America to withdraw militarily from both nations, even as the Middle East professional Jon Alterman thinks cyberwar is coming. “The whole global will need to be on excessive alert for months or (more likely) years,” he writes.

As Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, referred to on Thursday, battle with Iran, in comparison to the Gulf War or the Iraq War, can be fought across the location and perhaps the wider global against an array of civilian, monetary, and military targets. There’s a motive U.S. Allies inside the place, no lovers of Iran and Soleimani, have reacted with great foreboding to this week’s traits. The Saudis, as an example, have urged “self-restraint” to avert “unbearable results,” at the same time as the Israeli government has expressed muted acclaim for the operation while bracing for Iranian retaliation.
Tabatabai noted that Washington, like Tehran, has traditionally been careful to not take actions that would bring it into direct conflict with the Iranians, and added that she’s been surprised by the brazen actions each country has taken in recent weeks. (Less than 24 hours after the Soleimani killing came yet another surprise: more airstrikes against Shiite militias in Iraq.) The twilight war has been brought into more daylight than ever before, and the big question is whether the rules of the past four decades still apply.

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American actor Michael Douglas mourned his father, Kirk Douglas, the well-known movie star Hassan, who had always appeared on the screen fighting gladiators and boxers, before he left our world, Wednesday, for 103 years.


“With great sadness and sorrow, my brothers announced the departure of Kirk Douglas from us today,” Michael said in an exclusive statement to People magazine.

Douglas Sr. participated in more than 90 films in a march that spanned more than seven decades and films like “Spartacus” and “The Vikings” made him one of the biggest net stars in the 1950s and 1960s.

He also played a major role in breaking the Hollywood blacklist, which includes actors, directors and authors who were professionally marginalized because of links to the Communist movement in the 1950s. Douglas said he is proud of this more than he is proud of any film he has made.

Lamentations flowed from Hollywood. “Douglas” will always be an icon among the Hollywood greats, “actor and director Robrainer said on Twitter.” The rows progressed to break the blacklist. ”

Metsy Jenner, who appeared in front of him in the film “For Love or Money” in 1963, said that the movie “will always have a special place in my heart.”

“Thank you for having generously shared all of us with your outstanding talent,” she wrote on Twitter.

Danny Doveto called it “inspiring” while Ad Asner wrote on Twitter, “I will always respect you and honor you.”

Kirk Douglas suffered a stroke in 1996 when he was eighty years old, affecting his ability to speak and the nerves of his face.

But two weeks later, he attended an Oscar ceremony to receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his entire work. He continued to play minor roles until 2008, but said the clot made him want to commit suicide.

“Humor saved me,” he told Parade magazine in 2014. He said, “At first I thought my life was over, but when I put the gun in my mouth one of my teeth floundered. It groaned and then it exploded in laughter. Will my toothache stop me from committing suicide?”

On one of his last appearances in front of the audience, he seemed almost unheard as he sat in a wheelchair helping his son-in-law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, present an Academy Award in January 2018.

His facial features enabled him to play the roles of strong, sharp characters. He was a demanding person, and even in his star years he became famous for directing directors.

Kirk Douglas survived a helicopter accident in which two died in 1991. He published several books, including a book containing poetry, prose and photographs in 2014.

He founded the Douglas Charity Foundation, and in 2015 he and his wife Ann announced their intention to donate his fortune, which is estimated at $ 80 million, to various charitable works, including building a house for homeless women, a public school in the Los Angeles area, St. Lawrence University and hospitals.

On his 99th birthday in 2015, he donated $ 15 million to the Film and Television Fund to help build a facility to house workers in the sector suffering from Alzheimer’s.

American actor Michael Douglas told People magazine that his father, Kirk Douglas, died at the age of 103.


“With great sadness and sorrow, my brothers and I announced the departure of Kirk Douglas from us today at the age of 103,” Michael Douglas said in an exclusive statement to People magazine.

“He was a legend in the world, an artist from the golden age of cinema who enjoyed his golden years, a person whose commitment to justice and the issues he believes in will continue to inspire us all.”

Douglas is of Russian ancestry and his real name is Ezor Danialovich, where he spent his poor childhood with immigrant parents and six sisters.

Douglas was known for his serious drama roles, including Western and Warship Films. During his six-decade career, he appeared in more than 90 films, and in 1960 he helped end the blacklist in Hollywood.

Douglas received three Academy Award nominations, an Oscar for his entire work, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He wrote ten novels and notes.

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World Health Organization: Corona “does not represent a global pandemic”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Tuesday that the emerging coronavirus, which has spread from China to 24 countries, is not yet a “global pandemic”.

“Currently we are not in a state of a global pandemic,” Sylvie Bryan, head of the WHO’s Department of Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases, told reporters in Geneva.

Corona left 425 deaths and 20,438 confirmed cases with HIV on the mainland.

In addition, there is one death in Hong Kong, in addition to two deaths in Singapore and the Philippines.

Among the countries hardest hit were Corona, Thailand (25 injured), Japan (20), Singapore (18, including one death), South Korea (16), Germany (12), and the United States (11).

This is believed that the new virus appeared for the first time in December in a market in Wuhan, in which wild animals are sold and spread during the Chinese New Year holiday, in which millions of Chinese travel inside and outside the country.

China took strict measures to prevent the virus from spreading, including quarantining more than 50 million people in Wuhan and besieging Hubei, the central province.

The World Health Organization announced, last Thursday, that the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China is now a public health emergency.

The WHO representative in Beijing, Godin Gallia, recommended the governments of other countries to prepare for the possible spread of the virus, saying, “Countries should prepare for a possible import of cases in order to identify them as quickly as possible and be ready for local control of the disease outbreak if that happens.”

He added that the organization is acting out of concern for poor countries that may not be equipped to deal with the virus, noting that the declaration of emergency requires a coordinated international response and could provide more funds and resources.

In pictures .. a large hospital and a “ghost town”

While the private centers in Wuhan were overwhelmed with hundreds of beds ready to receive the increasing number of people infected with the emerging coronavirus, the city’s streets were free of traffic and appeared to be a “ghost town”.

Pictures released on Tuesday showed hundreds of families set aside to receive those infected with the virus at an exhibition center that had been transferred to a hospital in Wuhan, in an attempt to accommodate thousands of people infected at the epidemic outbreak.

The Wuhan government said it plans to convert 3 existing places, including a gymnasium and an exhibition center, into hospitals to receive patients with mild symptoms of the new SK virus.

The Chinese government announced, on Tuesday, that 64 new deaths were recorded as a result of coronavirus infection in the central province of Hubei, bringing the total number to 425 deaths until the end of the third of February.

And 2345 new cases of the virus were monitored in Khobi, the epicenter of the outbreak, bringing the total number of people infected in the region to 13522 cases, bringing the number of people infected in China to 19,967 infected throughout the country, while the number of infections in the world is about 20155 people.

ghost town

On the other hand, recent pictures showed Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, empty of its thrones, with empty streets and deserted shops, to paint a picture of the scale of the impact of the epidemic that hit the city.

The streets appeared completely free of cars and residents, in a surreal view of the city, whose streets used to be crowded with cars.

Other photos also showed famous shops closed in the commercial streets of the city, while shopping centers were limited to a very limited number of visitors.

An Egyptian doctoral student studying and residing in the heart of the city of Khobi Province, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, explained the current situation in the abandoned city.

According to the current situation in the city, the movement has become prohibited for everyone, according to the description of the researcher who likened him and his colleagues at the Central Agricultural University of China as “house arrest.”

“The authorities followed the idea of isolation. The affected outposts are isolated so that things become better. Now everyone is obligated to his home and only leaves him to buy basic necessities.”

The pictures showed the transformation of Wuhan and the surrounding cities into the largest quarantine area in human history, after which it turned into a true ghost town, awaiting the end of this “nightmare”.

Chinese cities impose quarantine because of “Corona.

The Chinese city of Hangzhou imposed a quarantine on its residents, fearing the spread of the new Corona virus, with the death toll from the virus rising to 425 cases.

Three districts in Hangzhou, which includes the headquarters of the e-commerce group, “Ali Baba”, announced that from now on, only one member of each Chinese family will be allowed out every two days to shop.

The city of Taizhou announced the same procedure.

The announcement was made of the two big cities in eastern China, although they are hundreds of kilometers away from the epicenter of the outbreak of the new Corona Virus.

The Chinese government also announced, on Tuesday, that 64 new deaths were recorded as a result of coronavirus infection in the central province of Hubei, bringing the total number to 425 deaths until the end of the third of February.

And 2345 new cases of HIV were detected in Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak, bringing the total number of people infected in the region to 13522 cases, bringing the number of people infected in China to 19,967 infected throughout the country, while the number of infections in the world is about 20155 people.

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2 coyote attacks reported in Chicago;
officials urge residents, ‘Do not interact’

In the wake of two reported coyote attacks in Chicago, city officials are urging caution and saying these incidents are extremely rare. A 6-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon after he was bitten multiple times by a coyote, according to Chicago police. The boy was with a caretaker on a walking path in the Lincoln Park neighborhood at the time of the attack, Kelley Gandurski, executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, said at a news conference Thursday.

The coyote fled, police said, and the boy was taken to a children’s hospital in stable condition. A second coyote attack was also reported Thursday, though Gandurski said she could not confirm that incident ; A 32-year-old man went to Northwestern Hospital Wednesday evening and said he had been walking on a sidewalk when a coyote came from behind and bit him, police said.

He was “listed in good condition and will be treated and released,” police said Thursday afternoon. Gandurski said there was also a reported coyote sighting Thursday afternoon in Lincoln Park. She said police and animal control are canvasing the area and that no sightings have been confirmed. Over the last week there have also been reports of small dogs being attacked by coyotes and sightings of a particular coyote with a limp around Lincoln Park, Gandurski said. Gandurski urged residents, “if you see a coyote, please call 311. Do not interact.”
She said coyote attacks are “very rare,” explaining that the animals “are part of our ecosystem here in Chicago and they have lived among us for generations.”

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