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7 Recipes For Preparing
Domestic Cat Food

Preparing homemade cat food or eating cats can make the cat breeders particularly confused.

Why? Because cats usually refuse to eat the usual household meals, which causes confusion and anxiety to the cat breeder.

Especially in light of the high prices of dry food (dry food), so we offer you recipes for eating domestic cats and how to prepare them easily and with recipes that your cat will love.

What do cats eat? A question that cat breeders may ask, some believe that cats eat bones for example and this is wrong. Cat food or eating cats should contain protein and carbohydrates and it should not contain bones because it may cause laceration in the stomach wall.

What do cats eat from home food? Preparing domestic cat food, whether eating Shirazi and Siamese cats or eating a municipal cat needs innovation, so we offer 7 recipes of the best cat food that can be cheap and can be made at home. On this topic, we will teach you how to make cat food so that it is a healthy eating meal for your cat.

Five recipes that help you prepare cat food
Benefits and harms of dry food in cat food
How to make dry food for cats at home in three steps

1Meal for fish, eggs, and rice for cats

If a cat’s meal contains fish, rice, and eggs, it is one of the cat’s delicious meals.

If you want to know what cats eat from home food, you can try this meal that you can add from home food easily.

The meal contains cat-like fish, and at the same time, it contains eggs and rice that are very beneficial to cats in the process of growing and supplying them with the proteins necessary for the cat’s life. This meal of domestic cat food has the amounts as follows:

100 grams of boiled fish without bone

Boiled and chopped eggs

A teaspoon of olive oil

50 grams of rice

How to prepare:

Boil rice in water only to simmer without adding any oils, salt or spices

Add a spoon of olive oil after boiling the rice, then add fish and eggs

The mixture is stirred over heat until it mixes

Leave to cool to room temperature then serve

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Life on earth is pretty amazing when you think about it there are some really incredible things happening around us every day some of them are quite obvious yet others not so much settle in because today we’re talking about 10 surprising things you didn’t know before let’s get rolling.

Unique Birth

Chameleons like most other reptiles are born from eggs the eggs are usually deposited somewhere safe by the baby chameleons mother who then goes on about their business you see the mother chameleon doesn’t stick around to make sure that their child is ok chameleons babies are forced to fend for themselves from the moment they’re born chameleons are in a vulva porous species which literally means egg live birth check it out

Once the baby is ready to break out of its soft shell home the process is rather quick the chameleon is all rolled up inside of that egg packed in super tight there’s a connection between the baby’s belly button and the inner wall of the egg which enable it to breathe while still inside when the time comes the little guy or girl can free itself after just a few seconds and you’ll even notice that these tiny chameleons are able to walk right away.

The Cat’s Meow

Animal lovers will be delighted today as our four-legged friends will get their fair share of attention most of you out there have heard a cat’s meow before right house cats will often meow at their owner whenever they’re hungry or if they just need some sort of attention but did you know that adult cats will almost never ever meow at each other adult cats can communicate to each other without using their voice instead of their scent facial expression and body language does the trick at some point cats figured out

that they can’t communicate with us the same way they do their brother and sister so they used their voice the best way that they can there are websites out there dedicated to translating what your specific cat’s meows mean for example a quick or short meow means that the cat is simply saying hello but a drawn-out one indicates that your pet is trying to demand something or that they really mean what they’re trying to say.

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Can Dogs And Cats Get The Coronavirus?

Now that the coronavirus is officially a Situation Everybody Must Deal With, there are many things people are asking, possibly by screaming their questions dramatically in the sky. Such as, how can you avoid getting COVID-19? How deadly is it? And what is the virus doing to your poor cats and dogs?

Fortunately, at least some of those questions can be answered. According to the World Health Organization, it’s easy to improve your chances by washing your hands well and often, maintaining basic respiratory hygiene, keeping your hands off your face, and keeping a careful distance between yourself and suspicious coughers.

As the BBC tells us, it’s incredibly difficult to tell how deadly the virus is, though researchers guesstimate the death rate at somewhere around one percent of the infected, with elderly people at, particularly high risk.
As for cats and dogs, well, that’s… a very good question, actually. How are pets coping with the coronavirus situation? Does it affect them at all, or are they low key in grave danger and no one’s paying any attention because of the human health crisis.
Let’s find out whether dogs and cats can get coronavirus or not.
As the BBC reports, there’s a bit of a myth that you might be able to catch the coronavirus from pets. After all, the prevailing theory is that the virus got its start in wild animals in China, and may have gone under the radar until it made the jump to humans.
However, as of early March 2020, evidence indicates that your dog or cat is unlikely to turn you into the latest COVID-19 statistic or vice versa.
In fact, if you ask Jonathan Ball, professor of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, the role of pets in the coronavirus situation isn’t really a concept we should dwell too much on.

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Practical experience proving: mice enjoy
a game of “hide and seek” with humans

We have always heard about the game of cat and mouse or the proverb that says “If the cat is absent … play oh mouse”, but perhaps we did not cost our power to investigate it, in general, this remains between the mouse and the cat.

However, what scientists have found is really strange, because there is another game that has both a mouse and a human being so that the truth has become “the game of humans and mice.”

According to a study conducted by a group of German scientists, it was found that the mice enjoyed the idea of a human being searching for them, or the game of “hide and seek”, so you find them hiding again and issuing squeaks and jumping with joy so that humans search for them, and therefore the continuation of the game between them.

Hence the advice or what to consider is that mice may just want to have a fun game to hide and search, as this is exactly the conclusion of the neuroscientists involved in the research.

The group spent several weeks with rodents in a small room filled with boxes and found that the animals were surprisingly skilled in the childish game “Hide and Seek”, even without seeking food as a reward.

During this game, ultrasound scientists recorded happy jumps and laughter-like laughter from mice, which previous research showed were signs of fun when humans (scientists) found or caught mice.

The study, whose abstract was published in the journal “Science” on Thursday, provides new insight into play behavior, an important developmental feature among mammals.

“When you work a lot with mice over the years, you see how intelligent these animals are, and how social they are,” said Konstantin Hartmann, co-author from the Humboldt University in Berlin.

By working with male teenage mice in a room of 30 square meters, the world can either find a cardboard box sitting behind it in a hidden role, or give the mice a quick start to find a cover while the researcher is searching for it.

Over a period of one to two weeks, the mice learned that when they are inside a closed box that is opened remotely this means that they should start with the search process, while when they are in an open box this means that they should be hidden.

The mice quickly developed advanced strategies, including reviewing the sites where humans were hiding previously when they were researching, and choosing to cover in opaque boxes to hide in when they were to be hiding.

“To help train them, the researchers rewarded the mice not with food or water, which would nullify the experiment, but with positive social interaction in the form of physical contact,” Hartmann said.

The researcher said: “They are chasing our hands, and we tickle them from the side, it is like playing with small cats or puppies.”

Scientists suspect that the mice were driven not only by this reaction but also by her love to play for the play itself.

The animals used to make exciting laughter about 3 times higher than the range of human hearing, and they used to feed the so-called “leaps of joy” during the game, both of which (laughter and jumping) were associated with feelings of happiness.

Once discovered or found, mice often jumped away and “hid” in a new location, sometimes repeating the process several times, indicating that they wanted to prolong the gaming session and delay the reward.

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Top Best Small 10 Pets For Kids

In previous articles, we discussed the importance of pets for children and their necessity at times due to the many benefits they offer to children, however, we may all be in big trouble when we decide to acquire a pet for children because of our lack of experience in these matters in addition to the fact that children are very sensitive and quickly linked to their animals, Which forces us to take care before choosing the right animal. In this article, we will get to know the best pet for children together.


We know this information is old and not new, as dogs are among the most widespread pets around the world.

Who among us does not like to have a nice and loyal dog to take as a friend for life! Dogs are distinguished by their strong love for children, as dogs offer lots of love, affection, and protection for children from everything from insects.

But it is very important to know that some dogs are not suitable as pets, so remember to ask your vet and the shelter where you will take your dog the best dogs to accompany the children.


Certainly, raising cats as pets is an obvious and widespread idea, due to the kindness, beauty and enduring activity of these creatures playing with children.

Cats are an excellent option if you are thinking about getting a pet for your child, but remember to take them to the doctor periodically and give them the necessary vaccinations.

Your children may be very happy with a cat at home, and your children may start drinking more milk when they notice how much a cat loves this nutritious drink.


Rabbit is one of the social pets that adapt to live with humans. Therefore, rabbit breeding has spread all over the world.

The rabbit is a fur-covered animal that has a short tail and can jump very quickly … It is set by the example of running speed and cheese.

The most famous rabbit story is the story of the rabbit and the turtle.

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When The Stray Dogs Saved The Lives Of Hundreds of
Thousands of “Great Tangshan” …

one of the greatest earthquakes in human history!
The Tangshan earthquake – also known as the “Great Tangshan earthquake” – is one of the worst natural disasters in China since ancient times, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Although this number is really large, the number would have been much greater had it not been for the help of some stray wild dogs that saved many lives, after alerting them that an earthquake was coming.

Wild dogs attacked the city a day before the earthquake and saved many lives

On the morning of the earthquake that struck the central Chinese city of Tangshan on July 28, 1976, a large group of stray wild dogs attacked the city’s streets and began to terrify and hysterically barking and spread to all neighborhoods.

This raised the suspicion of the city officials, who had already realized that a major earthquake would hit the city, and they spread the news to the residents to evacuate them.

The government has already evacuated a large number of families from their homes, but the earthquake occurred and claimed the lives of those who could not get out.

The great Tangshan earthquake … when the sky was red

At 3:42 am local time, the devastating earthquake occurred, according to the Chinese government, between 7.8 and 8.2 on the Richter scale.

While, according to local estimates, he killed about 240,000 people, other sources said that the death toll exceeded 700,000.

The earthquake lasted only about 30 seconds, but this period was sufficient to ruin the equivalent of 90% of the city’s buildings.

Coinciding with the onset of the natural disaster, the city sky was blushed due to falling electricity poles and explosions that shook factories.

Moreover, the region lived through the occurrence of a large number of aftershocks, the most severe of which occurred at 6:45 am in Tianjin, resulting in a high death toll.

The main cause of this earthquake was the 25-mile Tangshan rift that runs through the city, due to the tectonic forces caused by the sliding of the Okhotsk plate beyond the Eurasian plate.

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