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Should You Buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 !




The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been a long, long time coming, yet after years of rumors followed by months of delays, the finished product is, well, distinctly first-gen. It’s for those who want the cutting-edge of smartphone technology no matter what it costs and how unpolished it is. But while we can’t recommend the Galaxy Fold to most, it is an exciting look at one possible future of phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is sure to come closer to realizing its potential. We don’t know much about Samsung’s second foldable yet, but you’ll find what we have heard below.

And below that, you’ll find a list of all the main things we want from it, because as you may have gathered, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date and price

Previous Galaxy Fold 2 release date rumors pointed to a launch in the first half of 2020, which is a rather vague timeline. However, the latest reports from Korea suggest it could be announced in April, giving is a more precise time frame to look forward to. However, the original Fold didn’t ultimately go on sale until September 2019, so April next year could be a tad early.

That said, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced way back in February, it only hit stores so late due to delays, so it is possible that we’ll see the Galaxy Fold 2 that soon. There’s no word yet on exactly what the Galaxy Fold 2 might cost, although the same reports suggesting the Fold 2 could arrive in April also say that it could come with a price tag of about $1,500 (around £1,165 / AU$2,197).

In comparison, the Galaxy Fold is $1,980 / £1,800 (around AU$3,350). If that’s true, it’s definitely a better price than the original Fold, but unless Samsung can find ways to cut production costs, we expect the Galaxy Fold 2 to be very expensive, even if the price is lowered, as one source claims it might be.

Samsung is leading the innovation game when it comes to smartphones right now the Galaxy fold was one of the most innovative smartphones of the past ten years for actually I’ll go as far as say that the galaxy fold is the most innovative smartphone since the iPhone came out back in 2007.

This was the first actual foldable phone that came from a major smartphone manufacturer a phone that’s technically a tablet and then fold in half into something that’s much more portable and yes the huawei mate X is in many ways even more innovative than Samsung’s Galaxy folds but that one!!

Isn’t out just yet so the galaxy folds was and still is one of the most unique phones you ever see the light of day, and Samsung’s already working on the second-generation fold you know the fall to for a release in 2020 so get us snacks ready and here’s everything we know so far about the Samsung galaxy folds.

so the first galaxy fold was not a flawless product it was first teased at Samsung’s own Developers Conference back in November 2018 so basically a year ago and back then we couldn’t really see much all that Samsung showed us was a phone that had a very small outer display that unfolded on the inside into a larger tablet but you couldn’t really see anything else and she said a design for example since.

I believe the fold was in a case and the scene was also made dark on purpose so that he couldn’t really tell what Samsung’s new innovative phone really was but it was something that was leaked and rumored and hyped so so much like we even made videos on the Galaxy fold back in 2017 or you know the foldable Galaxy X that’s how it was rumored to be called and back then our concepts were in that grade but I think we’ve evolved quite a bit since then.

Anyway a few months later and on February 19 the fold was officially unveiled by Samsung.

Full design full specs and truly after reviewers have gotten their hands on the fold and they found out that it actually broke like very very easily.

Since the display was made out of plastic any dust or debris that got under the display basically killed it off instantly so there are actually most of the review units broken in about a day or two abuse which is not great. 

Samsung canceled the release in order to redesign the folds and they have made some tweaks they’ve tested it thoroughly and finally, we released it back in September 2019 so just two months ago and almost a full year since November 2018 and the reviews have been quite positive now so that’s all awesome however you can still literally kill the display with your fingernail so everything that beyond that since this play was still made out of plastic but hey at least it is now more difficult for dust and debris to get honored the display since the protective screen protector layered that a lot of the reviewers ended up removing that’s now attached under the frame of the phone.

So far so good however we’re now in November 2019 just in time for Samsung’s next 2019 Developers Conference and they actually released this video a video titled a new form factor for foldable smartphones pretty much pointing at the next thing after the galaxy folds and then you actually start the video itself with the galaxy fold but then they do increase the display size to turn it into what looks to be similar to our galaxy s 11 concepts where we have that really tall 20 by 9 aspect ratio display and just central camera cutouts. 

And once really just thing about this folding phone is that instead of folding Horizonte like you know the galaxy fold does this one actually folds vertically and you can probably tell that instead of being a foldable tablet that folds into a phone this is essentially a regular phone that folds in half just like those old clam-shell phones the back in the og days of cell phones. 

Now, this is pretty much a I don’t know just a weird approach because I personally find foldable tablets to be way more useful than you know clam-shell foldable phones. 

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Top 10 New Pc Games Of 2020 Part Three


10 Is Halo Infinite

They’ve been developing this game since 2015 apparently, and everything we’ve seen of it really looks amazing the game is built in a new engine called slip space which they’re pretty proud of they’ve been talking about pretty often and it’s led to some speculation of various things, for instance, a that the game is going to be open-world although it takes place on a halo ring so open-world doesn’t exactly mean open-world there also a lot of speculation there may be a grappling hook in this game which would not bother me in the least love grappling hook gameplay when it’s done well halo infinity is coming at some point this year we don’t know exactly one but I’d guess it will coincide with the release  Xbox.

Number 9 We’ve Got Dying Light

Which let’s just go ahead and say we don’t know exactly when it is coming out but we do know that there are a lot more deep story-oriented elements that are blended into the mechanics of this game that’s probably the reason they’ve delayed it however it’s still supposedly possible it’s going to come out this year and if you enjoyed the original dying light that’s a really good piece of news there’s apparently double the parkour paragliders grappling hooks stuff that I’m just ready to play, and we have to wait still supposedly this year though.

Number 8 Is Eldon Ring

The collaboration between George RR Martin and from software, this is an open world dark Souls game basically and that’s a very interesting prospect on account while pretty open they tend to be fairly linear games this is in some ways kind of I think a test to see exactly how workable that is and I can’t figure out a better way to have done something like that than collaborating with George. RR martin we don’t have a date for this it’s supposedly coming this year I don know why you wouldn’t be excited about this as a fan of either George RR martin or dark souls I certainly am.

Number 7 Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

Which is an action RPG where you create a vampire character select a background and go out and do vampire stuff you need blood you’ll have to feed on people and it takes place in Seattle during Christmaslet’s just go ahead and say this kind of sounds pretty awesome the original really didn’t do well not necessarily critically speaking but commercially so to see this happen is awesome we don have an exact date but it’s coming this year sometime.

Number 6 Is Watchdogs Legion

Which is basically watchdogs set in the future where Brexit has turned Britain into a police state honestly that sounds like a really good idea for a setting and considering how much better watchdogs 2 is and watchdogs 1I’m quite excited to see it we don have a date but it is coming sometime this year I’m looking forward.

Number 5 Is Rainbow Six Quarantine

Which is a lot of ways gives the vibes of a more sci-fi oriented game it has to do with an alien parasite and it looks like a co-op experience in which you basically have to fight your way out of various parasite sites to me it sounds a lot like Rainbow six siege + aliens maybe with three-person squads maybe with more I don’t know exactly but it looks cool, it’s supposedly gonna hit sometime in quarter one or quarter two of this year I would expect more news on that very soon for that to be the truth we’ll see.

Number 4 Is Doom

It’s her kn’l I don’t know about you but I’m pretty darn excited for the follow up to the 2016 reboot of doom which well it’s not exactly the same thing as the old-school doom it’s certainly an areally good game that captures a lot of the great elements of the originals bringing in a couple of new elements and of course this sequel looks to be doing the exact same thing I’ve got two words for you that I am particularly excited about and those words are specifically grappling-hook shotgun oh yes you know I’m here for grappling hook mechanics there’s a ton of new features that I’m really excited for with this version of doom to say the absolute very least it’s coming to all platforms but it’s hitting PC sometime this year we’re excited.

Number 3 Is Mount And Blade Banner Lord

An action RPG in which a lot of ideas seem to have been upgraded for instance sieges are intended to be more on the strategy elements of things there are factions there’s multiplayer if you like the previous mountain blade it looks like it’s gonna be great speaking of looks graphically it’s a huge upgrade from the previous game which came out in 2008 I’m excited to play it I enjoyed this game way back when it’s hitting early access in March.

Number 2 Is Cyberpunk 2077

And let’s just go ahead and say this game looks like it’s trying to be everything and might actually kind of deliver we’re talking destructible environments driving shooting stuff that just looks good like it looks like a step above a lot of other things and on top of that it looks like a Witcher typebar PG it’s hard to actually say the kinds of expectations that I have going into in this game for how deep it will be and how engaging it will be but I kind of think they’re gonna be met it’s looking good cyberpunk 2077 is hitting on September 17th and finally.

Number 1  Half-life Alex

A VR FPS which will function as a prequel to half-life 2 now we don’t have a lot more info besides that we’ve seen some gameplay it does look very intriguing there are some elements that seem genuinely interesting that our VR Incorporated and this could be the thing that finally sorts of legitimizes VR it’s a full game supposedly over 30 hours and I’m excited about it I look forward to playing that’s hitting, March a couple of bonus games for you our trials of mana which is essentially a remake of an old Super Nintendo game that I’m excited to play personally.

I loved the old game I’d love to see how they’ve changed it what they’ve left that’s hitting April 24th hollow Knightsilk song which is a Metroidvaniaaction-adventure and a sequel to follow night which was a very cool game this looking much more expansive and broadband pretty for that matter Orion the will of the wisps another game along with those same lines a sequel to Ori and the blind forest which was a phenomenal game in its own right this looks to expand the concept much further than the forest giving us a lot more variety in terrain disintegration, a game set in the supposed near future of asci-fi apocalypse setting you in PvPmultiplayer against other pilots and crews as you’re obviously attempting to survive in an awful situation that’s coming sometime this year next is odd world soul storm a reimagining of abe’s exodus frankly it looks great looks like we retain the types of gameplay that the original had carrion witches came that I am so excited for a reverse horror game where you play as an amorphous creature absorbing everything around you which is hitting sometime this year and final medal of Honor above and beyond which it’s a new Medal of Honor game it’s a VR game and it might be great it might at this point but I am excited to see Medal of Honor make a comeback.


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Top 10 New Pc Games Of 2020 Part TWO

PC gamers have a ton to look forward to this year, hi folks it’s falcon and today on game rigs the top 30 PC, games coming 2020.just as a quick disclaimer we’re not going to talk about the new Baldur’s gate or the new elder scrolls because it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing those this year so without further ado.

10 Is Outriders A New Co-op Shooter

From the developers of Gears of war judgment and Bulletstorm its a three-player game so obviously it bears some similarities to Gears right off, this game has been kept kind of mysterious because it’s basically fully sci-fi very apocalyptic and I think it’s gonna be really cool we don’t have an exact date but out writers is going to release in September.

9 Is Total War Saga Troy

which is, of course, a total war game set in Troy it’s interesting because they seem to be trying to merge a historical account of a Battle of Troy along with a sort of mythical one there will bemonster for instance minotaurs, etc so it feels like the lines are kind of blurry there possibly to the good effect, we don’t have a specific date but we will be seeing this game sometime this year.

8 Is Death Stranding

A wholly unique game that came out on the PlayStation 4 last year in November, itis hitting the PC this year and it’s just a game that basically defies explanation and yet when you play it seems familiar and even nostalgic in some weird, ways it’s very much a Kojimagame I love it it’s definitely not necessarily for everyone but an experience that I truly enjoy that strand is hitting PC in quarter two or quarter three of this year.

7 Iskerbal Space Program 2

which is being developed by a different developer on another hand one that seems to really revel in the idea that they get to work on this there is a lot of hand one that seems to really revel in the idea that they get to work on this there are a lot of ambitious upgrades that we’ve heard about particularly to building and I’m kind of interested to see the actual result of that Kerbal is just a really goofy but really entertaining and engaging game, and with a different developer without being ambitious it would just feel like a rehash so in my opinion that really sounds like the right path, this game is supposed to happen sometime after April but we don’t know exactly when that is it, could even be next year we’re hoping it’s not.

6 Torchlight 3

A hack-and-slash action RPG that follows torchlight frontiers which was a massively multiplayer online game as was this intended to be however they grounded torchlight 3 in a more linear approach so we’ll end up seeing what exactly kinds of changes that they made in a lot of respects it kind of seems as though it’s going to be an upgrade of torchlight 2, which is good torchlight 2, is great we don’t have a date for it it’s coming sometime this year. I mean torchlight Rules it’s fun I cant wait to play this.

5 Crusader Kings 3

A 4x grand strategy game set in the Middle Ages essentially you could look at this type of game as a dynasty simulator and if that has you interested I would highly recommend playing one of the previous games before this one they’re pretty in-depth pretty detailed and really fun. Crusader Kings 3 is hitting Windows sometime this year.

4 Is God Fall

Which is something that’s pretty different looking coming to us from counterplay by way of gearbox it’s a high fantasy action RPG well we’ve got different realms based on different elements in some ways the idea of this is very intriguing on account it’s very much like a looter shooter however it’s fully melee-oriented if they’re calling it a looter slasher this is something I’m personally pretty interested in I mean it could work very well I don’t love the whole anthem drop-in drop-out co-op style but we’ll see honestly the concept is interesting enough that it’s worth checking out that’s hitting sometime late 2020 probably around when the new consoles come out because it’s coming out on PlayStation 5 as well but it’s definitely worth a closer look I think.

3 Is Marvel’s Avengers

Which looks very much as though it is this kind of action extravaganza which we’ve seen some pretty interesting full-blown action on we’ve got kind of Spider-Man looking combat with a lot of QTE stuff in some ways honestly it kind of just depends on how it shakes out because it looks cool we’ll see through it’s hitting all platforms including PC on September 4th.

2 Is Diablo

For a game that we’ve been faked out at some point about and it’s exciting on account they’ll be allowing you to customize your character a lot more than previous games and of course, your normal customization trees will come in play now we don’t have a ton of information we know that it’s coming to pretty much every platform including windows of course but we know that there is a chance it will come this year we’ll probably know more about that in June with e3 but until then I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

1 Is The Resident Evil 3

Remake which I don know how you couldn’t be excited for it’s basically getting the same treatment as Resident Evil 2 because resident Evil 3 is innately related to resident Evil 2 some of them taking places before some of it taking place after the events of Resident Evil 2 it looks very much like a continuation of what was done with the previous remake which is great because the work they did for therein evil to remake elevated that game to a level that just it deserved it it was a fantastic game and technology and expectations have changed that’s perfect for Resident Evil 3 – it’s hitting on April 3rd I’ll be playing it.

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Top 10 New Pc Games Of 2020 Part One

PC gamers have a ton to look forward to this year, hi folks it’s falcon and today on game rigs the top 30 PC, games coming 2020.just as a quick disclaimer we’re not going to talk about the new Baldur’s gate or the new elder scrolls because it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing those this year so without further ado.

10 Is Microsoft Flight Simulator

the first in a while the last one we saw is back in 2014 this one will be leveraging Bing Maps data in order to be creating an incredibly accurate version of the world with photorealistic 3d models that are created with photogrammetry, basically, for me, it’s everything you could ask for with a new Microsoft Flight Simulator it looks like it’s shaking up to be an accurate sim with incredible graphics. It doesn’t have a release date but it is coming to PC and Xbox One sometime this year.

9 Is The Destroy Allhumans Remake

I am personally very excited about destroying humans is one of my favorite games over the last 20 years. to be frank and it’s also great they’reusing all of the original voice acting but completely new graphics. and it looks phenomenal it looks exactly like you would want it to look I don’t know if you’ve ever played this game but it’s such a warped goofy, game that came out during a time when double-a games the kind of mid-tier games were much more frequent and a lot more experimental. it’s a game where you’re essentially stealing DNA, from humans to save your race it’s an outright silly concept and the game itself is even sillier. I love it I can’t wait to play it again it’ shitting PC as well as all the consoles sometime either quarter one a quarter two.

8 Is Phantasy

Star Online 2 a game that frankly we really never thought we’d see, in Japan, they’ve been playing this game since 2012 frankly they’re even playing it on Nintendo switch as we speak, but we will be seeing this follow up to what is frankly one of the greatest MMORPGs of all time it’s free-to-play and its something I’m excited to be doing on a totally official basis.

I’ll say it was probably a little bit more innovative back in 2012 but that doesn’t mean isn’t just full of beauty and character and really fun to do anything and frankly, it’s a great game which will be able to officially PlayNow in English, it’s coming to Microsoft Windows as well as Xbox one in the spring or possibly early summer we look forward to it.

7 Is Wasteland 3

An upcoming RPG which was developed by exile entertainment it’s a squad-based RPG with turn-based combat and if you’re unfamiliar with wasteland it’s basically the series that inspired all-out some of the original wasteland developers worked on the original fallout, honestly, this is probably gonna be good it’s kind of an old-school fallout looking game I’m ready for that it’s hitting May 19th.

6 Empire Of Sin A Strategy

The game which is coming to us via Romero games you play Chicago mobster loosely based on real people during the Prohibition-era and in my opinion that setup just sounds really interesting for a turn-based strategy game and the combat in it is being described as XCOM like honestly, that’s a great idea whoever thought let’s do a turn-based strategy mobster game I mean seriously that was a great idea I cannot wait to play this it’s coming to pretty much all platforms, obviously we’re talking about PC here sometime in quarter 2 of this year.

5 Is Sin Uwe Saga Hell-blade 2 Which

really looks to up the ante about every aspect of the game I mean we’ve really only seen an in-engine trailer that gave us some astounding looks at the kinds of rendering and animation will be seeing, we can only make the assumption that gameplay will be similar although I have a feeling that the world itself will be significantly larger the trailer we’ve been seeing looked like her hyping up a bunch of people to go to war I’m personally really excited about this I love the original hell blade I’m excited for this it may launch with the new Xbox but it is definitely coming to PC.

4 Is Overwatch 2

which is an anon-standard sequel it’s kind of a big expansion to overwatch but more interestingly speaking it’s got a storyboard, fortunately, all existing cosmetics you have will carry over to the sequel and if you’re not intending on getting the sequel you can still play overwatch one with the overwatch to people. it’s receiving all the same PvP updates and other updates as well although I don’t know if it will receive the same graphical updates, either way, it’s really exciting and it’s cool to see them embrace a model that isn’t necessarily completely out dating the original overwatch 2 is coming to all platforms but particularly we’re talking about PC today sometime this year we don’t have an exact date but I mean it was in pretty good shape back in November so it probably won’t be too long we’ll see if they’re waiting to launch alongside the new consoles or not probably sometime soon.

3 Is Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Which is yes the CompleteSaga as the Lego Star Wars all the humoral the fun all the frankly enjoyable gameplay of Lego Star Wars spanning the entire nine movie saga which is really exciting it’s kind of the culmination of the Lego Star Wars series obviously it’s coming to everything including MicrosoftWindows sometime this year.

2 It’s Tales Of A Rise

The latest in the Tales series, of course, a series JRPGs action-RPGs to be specific which will be bringing some developments to the battle system as well as other elements of the game as it was more or less an initiative to sort of evolve the series it’s a beautiful looking game – using the Unreal Engine and really just looking interesting to play I’m super excited for it I’ll be checking it out can’t wait for more information on it’s hitting pretty much all platforms obviously PC at some point this year.

1 Is Gods And Monsters

A very clearly breadth of the wild influenced game coming to us from Ubisoftspecifically the creators of Assassin’sCreed Odyssey which again makes sense the Greek thing it is very Greek-oriented but again looks very much like the new Zelda understanding, these two aspects I would say like if you could combine breath of the wild with Assasin’s Creed Odyssey that’s probably what you’re dealing with here, and as far as. I’m concerned that sounds wonderful we don’t have a date for it but it is coming sometime this year it’s a must-play as far as I’m concerned.



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Amazing Gadgets For Students You Should Buy

Welcome to future tech we have compiled a list of some of the most incredible new tech gadgets available on the market from a portable gathered some of the most exciting new releases to keep you up to date with what we could look forward to in 2020.


Smart glasses are not new, but most existing models have one serious drawback their appearance, the design is very odd-looking usually but as the camera is too conspicuous or the just simply ugly. view glasses though are an exception they are designed in such a way that no one will suspect that they are smart glances. the result is an elegant accessory that can make your life more comfortable and easier, view connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to answer the phone change the music take a picture here a notification or receive information about your activity just touch the frame. by the way few glasses also have an important and interesting feature they use bone conduction technology this means the sound is transmitted to the inner ear through vibrations directed at the bones of the skull so only the wearer can hear the sound, thanks to this view don’t disturb the people around you and it doesn’t obstruct your ears either so that you can hear normally, the manufacturers developed several models offered in prescription Plano and swing glasses. the minimum price is 180$.

Gotouch Beam

If you’ve always dreamed of having a technologically advanced and easy-to-use projector the following gadget has been created especially for you. but go touch beam is much more than just a projector it’s a companion that will help you learn and have fun, first let’s talk about how it works. the touch beam can protect images from any device including smartphones, your complete games watch movies and TV shows make presentations and even learn in a more convenient way. the projected image works like an interactive whiteboard the surface behaves like a touchscreen an additional feature is that the top of the projector is a touch part, therefore, you can control the projection in the most convenient way. by touching the projector the smartphone screen the projected image or by using a special remote control. the device is compact in the battery delivers three hours of work, the minimum price that the device is $400.


The developer of this device compares it to Jarvis Iron Man’sassistantis a desktop robot arm capable of performing a large number of tasks all these are asked to do is change the work tool at the end of the robotic arm, for example, Rotrics can make a drawing even in color the laser tool turns the robot into an engraver to decorate all kinds of items or create personalized gifts, the third interesting feature of Rotrics is 3d printing you can also write individual code for the robots which will give it unique skills, for example, you can use Rotrics to play chess by the way you can use several devices to create a small production line manufacturer the American company hex bot robotics highlights the precision and high speed of the device, the minimum price of the devices 780$.


Many people know that working with several screens at once offers a number of advantages, for designers, for example, it’s easier to compare different versions of their work, in addition, multiple monitors allow you to work with large amounts of data at once make media conferences and work with multiple programs simultaneously. the disadvantages, however, are also, obvious the monitors take up a loss of space and aren’t very mobile fortunately the company mobile pixels managed to solve this problem trio is a system that allows you to add two extra screens to any standard laptop, in addition, they make sure to solve all the problems mentioned above with this design the secrets of trio lies in the fact that the device has a folding design when one or both of the addition of monitors are not needed they can be placed on top of the laptop lid, therefore, the system doesn’t in any way affects the convenience of the computer, which simply increases like the thickness burst thus the ball the device is lightweight and energy-efficient the additional monitors rotate too which is especially convenient when working or studying in a group. the monitors come in two sizes twelve and a half and fourteen inches they’re priced at 229 and 259dollars respectively.

Smart Writing System

The idea that students have to work exclusively with handwritten notes is gradually becoming a thing of the past the progress of modern technologies offers us new devices that allow us to work with all kinds of documents at anew level, a great example is the moleskin devices that you’re seeing on the screen right now this pen, for example, works in conjunction with a special mobile application . each line is captured in real-time and then instantly transfer it to your smartphone so the person writes on paper and makes notes on their phone at the same time, the moleskin pen plus is the easiest way to transfer information to your phone and here’s a smart notebook its main function is transferring notes or several sketches to your Dropbox accounts in case you don’t know Dropbox is a very popular file hosting system Dropbox smart notebook not only helps you save your handmade creations in seconds but it also allows you to share your writings more quickly and conveniently but there’s more to it than that the developer has worked hard to create this incredible product each page of the notebook has built-in encoded technology invisible to the human eye it helps the smartpen recognize exactly where it is in the notebook, in addition, the notebook is able to recognize the symbols. so if you write down an event on paper for a specific date it automatically linked to the right day in your calendar or planner the price of the pen is 129$ while the notebook costs 115$.


The next device will be especially appealing so people who like photography is a compact possible printer it’s so small that it easily fits in your pocket only weighs 162 grams it takes 60seconds to print any photo on your phone thanks to the Polaroid technology no need to replace cartridges to make the prints at work all the user has to do is put the special sheets inside the built-in battery guarantees 50 print cycles the device can be purchased for $60.


We’ve reached the last device on our list a wonderful creation that will make all students happy at first glance Pro Point is nothing more than a wireless computer mass with an intricate design and in fact, Pro Point can work just like a standard Mouse however we have included it in our video because it also offers many advantages for example point can help you during your presentations with this help you can not only change the slides but you can also highlight the necessary words or mark the most important information at the same time pro point helps you keep the palm of your hand in an optimal and comfortable position reduce muscle tension and the surface area is so small that you can work comfortably anyway, by the way, check out the magnetic stand that attaches to your laptop lid it locks the mouse in place so it won’t get lost you’re in transport the minimum price for the pro point is 116$.


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Amazing New Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon

Welcome to future tech we have compiled a list of some of the most incredible new tech gadgets available on the market from a portable beverage cooler to an amazing new smartphone telescope here are amazing new gadgets you can buy on Amazon.

Human headphone

Human headphone is a strange name for an incredible product these earbuds offer a three-in-one wireless design that can provide the user with unsurpassed sound quality while remaining in a small portable form factor these buds are extremely powerful with rich sound packed into a much smaller design than over the ear headphones they can remain charged for up to hours of playback they also contain a series of both touch and voice controls so that you can seamlessly adjust the volume while on the go these earbuds aren’t only great for music though they are also perfect for phone calls they offer extremely clear voice capture and recreation ensure that whoever is on the other end of the call can hear you human headphones are available now for around 199 dollars.


Coldproof is a new heating pad that is both lightweight and portable the pad provides its user with long-term warmth for all of your outdoor needs with coldproof you will never let the cold weather get in your way again this product was designed to keep you comfortable while remaining lightweight and easy, to use the pad is designed for sustained heat and comfort, and will remain at a constant 113 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of weather conditions this pad is several steps ahead of its competitors offering an insulated interior, that helps the pad maintain its constant heat, and a USB power interface that allows you to use the pad with all of your existing USB battery pack, from strenuous activities like hunting in the mountains to watching your children play the ball from cold metal stadium seats, coal proof is there to ensure that your hindquarters, never have to feel chilly again coal proof is just recently launched on Kickstarter and can be purchased from the manufacturer directly for about $60.

Cup Cooler

Cup cooler is marketed as a smart device that cools down and keeps your drink cold to the last sip, this company set out to redefine portable beverage cooling with this product being unlike any other on the market, the cup cooler is up to six times faster than cooling your beverage in a standard fridge as you simply need to plug the device into the wall and wait around six seconds for your drink to be cool you can chill your drink up to 17 degrees in as little as 30 minutes. this product has appeared on several major tech websites including Engadgetand TECA Bowl this is truly a revolutionary product for drink cooling you will no longer need to waste your time with ice cubes that can dilute your drink with water. nor will you have to wait hours for your drinks to cool in the fridge the product is easy to use fast and effective. a working prototype has been on the market for several months but cut cooler is now ready to bring their product to the masses following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign the company managed to raise over 350 percent of its original goal with the cup cooler now being available for just $50.


Keeback is a brand new futuristic and stylish digital backpack, the device is high-tech multimedia-driven and designed with safety and practicality in mind, this product is the first of its kind to reach the market the back is considered to be wearable technology that will change the concept of wearable bags forever. it’s a combination of design and technology can suit both your style and needs regardless of the occasion the bag offers a sleek new design, as well as an RGB display that is both flexible and all types of lighting the display, can be customized to show messages respond to music or even play animations on the base of the unit a large bass-driven speaker is built-in to allow playback of all types of modern music while on the go. the bag is powered by four Panasonicrechargeable batteries which allow an incredible 13,600 mAh of charging capacity, two USB ports located on the bottom of the bag also allow you to recharge your phone or other devices without the need for a wall outlet, the shell, and straps of the bag are interchangeable as well allow you to change the design of the bag to suit your  Styles needs the bag is currently available for pre-order through IndieGoGo, though a price has not yet been made public.

Air Pix

Air pix is an all-new drone that claims to allow anyone to take stunning aerial selfies or photos and videos. this product aims to be the easiest and most affordable on the market and it is a great way for anyone to record everyday special moments while remaining immersed in their life, with no need to hassle with huge learning curves to properly fly the unit. the air pix is pocket-sized and extremely lightweight a smartphone app is available that allows for autonomous flight without the need for a user interface, the drone comes with a 12megapixel camera that can capture videos at resolutions unto 1080p and 30 frames per second, also equipped with 8gigabytes of on-board storage air pix seven allows gesture control so that you can fly the device without needing a smartphone, the quality of this drone is unsurpassed for the price range, the product has appeared on countless news and tech outlets and is shaping up to be one of the best drones on the market at2019.

Scan Marker Air Pen Scanner

Scan marker air pen scanner is an OCR digital highlighter and reader that is designed marker air pen scanner is an OCR digital highlighter and reader that is designed for use with all major tech platforms including Windows Mac iOS. and Android this product can be used to instantly scan notes to your computer smartphone or tablet so that you no longer have to type everything that you may have jotted down during a presentation or conference call. you can even translate your scanned text into 40 different languages or read your notes aloud while scanning, scanned markers patented technology claims to deliver incredibly fast scans and translations with the marker being extremely durable and ergonomic allowing for effortless scanning. the market can be ordered and delivered worldwide and even offers a 12-month warranty if you decide to buy the pen and arent completely satisfied you can even return it within 30 days no questions asked for a full refund, the wireless version is available right now for 96 dollars with the wired version being available for just sixty-four.


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